Sweet Treats Citrus Selection Travel Tin

(Flavour: Citrus Selection)
£3.10 / unit(s)
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Sweet Treats Citrus Selection Travel Tins

These zingy hard boiled citrus flavours are for the traveller who needs their taste buds to be stimulate on their journey!

Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free.

Product variations
Barley Sugar
Flavour: Barley Sugar
£3.10 / unit(s) *
Citrus Selection
Flavour: Citrus Selection
£3.10 / unit(s) *
Fruit Selection
Flavour: Fruit Selection
£3.10 / unit(s) *
Mint Selection
Flavour: Mint Selection
£3.10 / unit(s) *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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